If you are ordering a custom bucket light personalized with your name, hometown or other special information, follow these directions for submitting your personalized information.


1. After you have found the bucket light you like, click Add To Cart in the lower right hand corner of the product page.


2. After you have selected your purchase, click Shopping Cart on the left side of this website or click View Cart at the top left side of this website.


3.  Review your order.


4. After you have reviewed your order, click Checkout Now or Checkout to proceed to the checkout screen.


5. Enter your billing and shipping information.


6. At the bottom of the Enter Your Shipping screen, there is an input field called Special Instructions. This is where you will submit your names, hometown or other personalized information. The screenshot below shows where this input field will be on your checkout screen. If you have any problems or questions, call 1-800-517-5218 or email sales@campingbucketlights.com.